Where to find German Virtual Assistants?

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[et_pb_column type=“4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=“Text“]There are countless providers for the placement of virtual employees, including both agencies and job portals. Aside from Facebook groups and private searches, there are a variety of ways to find suitable employees, from recruiters to full-service providers.

In doing so, you should consider which target group you have in mind and where it can be found.

On the one hand, it is necessary to separate professionals with work experience and unskilled workers.this depends mainly on their own needs.

  • Graphic designers, programmers, web designers, but also full-blooded assistants or sales people with an education fall into the category „professional“.
  • Unskilled workers can be trained in simple tasks and often take on research tasks, data maintenance and customer service. In other words, tasks that hardly require any software knowledge.

Then you can consider whether native speakers are needed or whether a good knowledge of German is sufficient. If a German speaking virtual assistant would be sufficient for the Job, you can search internationally and find people, who work far below a German wages.

The following very extensive list should give a good overview of all outsourcing possibilities.


The German Market:


Mytalent is an agency that specializes in German speakers worldwide. It is based in the Republic of Georgia and recruites in Turkey, the Caucasus region, the Balkans the Arabic world and south America, the employees are for the most part not native speakers and also not professionals.

Customer service, data maintenance and online shop management are among the main activities. There are no package prices here, but it works more like a temporary employment agency. The wage is negotiated with the employees themselves and is all inclusive approximately between 5 and 10 € per hour. This makes Mytalent one of the cheapest providers on the German-speaking market.

Mytalent has broadened its focus a bit and also places IT programmers and English-speaking VAs.


Services:  Outsource secretarial and clerical work as a service. Virtual assistance (telephony, customer care, financial accounting preparation, research, event organisation, scheduling, social media).

Prices: by arrangement


Manage-my-Business.de, unlike the majority of the usual providers in this industry, relies on assistants who live in Germany and work in their own home office or the company headquarters near Stuttgart. Accordingly, the hourly rate is higher depending on the volume – between 23 and 25 euros per hour. The tasks offered include classic assistance tasks as well as research work, text creation and editing.

Remote work

Platform for German virtual assistants and employers with job ads and requests. Fernarbeit is a job exchange for German virtual assistants. Companies post their job requests free of charge on the website and registered Virtual Assistants can apply for the advertised jobs. For Virtual Assistants the service costs 47,- € for 3 months.

Services: Virtual assistance, marketing, translation, research, copywriting, web design.

Pricing model: Individual agreements with the freelancers and assistants, as the jobs are advertised individually.


VPA4YOU is an agency for assistance services from Austria. It offers companies hourly packages at fair prices, the employees are mostly native speakers and in the „professional“ segment.


My-vpa.com, a Munich-based company, is a placement service for German freelancers, but it also trains and monitors them and offers package prices.

There are different hourly rates for basic and advanced tasks and an expert pool.

The prices start with 15,90 net in the package price.


According to the company, freiarbeiter.com’s virtual assistants are proficient in „German and English at university level“, as well as an additional foreign language. They are based in Germany, Romania, Poland and Mexico. However, the provider also charges for the high qualifications. Depending on the hourly or monthly package, payment is between €15 and €22 per hour.


Also an affordable provider with package prices ranging from €9 to €20 per hour is Strandschicht. Texting, translating, social media, back office and graphic work are offered. With this, Strandschicht covers both the professional and the „simple“ area and probably has native speakers as well as non-native speakers on offer.


The provider offers mainly German native speakers with English skills from 19 euros per hour. But there are also English-speaking assistants from India. Very nice is that you can see the VAs directly on the page and also write to them. Here you can also find professionals for search engine optimization or web design.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]