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Low costs

We recruit exclusively in Georgia (the Country). The local average income is $ 370 per month. Source: World Bank


Unlike other agencies, we always leave our recruitment fee open.

What can a virtual assistant do for me? (Examples)



Answer customer inquiries by phone, email or chat



Sourcing and research via internet and telephone

Social Media

Social Media Management on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Cold calling to make the first contact with a potential customer

Our placement fee per employee

You only pay for successful placements or while the VA is employed, obviously.

At anytime you can employ the VA directly for a one time payment of 1.500 €.

How it works 

Day 1: We discuss the requirements in a telephone call.


Day 3: You get two to three profiles proposed by us.

Week 1: You conduct interviews with the candidates

Week 2: Your desired candidate starts to work.


Is $ 3 / hour not a dumping wage?

We recruit exclusively in Georgia. The local average income is $ 360 per mont. (Source: World Bank) Ultimately, our customers pay the employees themselves and at any time have the opportunity to pay more .

What taxes do I have to pay?

There are two possibilities.

1st possibility: You hire the employee. Since you most likely do not have a permanent establishment in Georgia, the employee must report their activities to the Georgian tax office and pay the taxes themselves.

2nd possibility: We hire the employee and pay the income tax. You get an invoice once a month.

The payroll tax is 20% in both cases. There are no allowances.

Do your VAs speak German without accent?

Usually not.

How good are the German language skills of your employees?

Our best employees have the Goethe certificate C2, which is recognized as linguistic evidence of access to German universities and colleges.

Can I also book a part-time VA?

Yes, that is possible. Please note, however, that the employee will not necessarily be available full-time later. Unfortunately, virtual employees do not scale like virtual servers.

Can I visit the candidates on site?

No problem. You can always conduct interviews in our office in Tbilisi.

How many vacation days does the employee have?

By law, there are 24 paid holidays per year. Unlike Germany, no wage is paid during temporary incapacity. In practice, a credit is taken on the holidays. In Georgia, there are 17 public holidays.

Why Georgia? 

  • The time difference to Germany is only two hours
  • The median income in Georgia is $ 370 per month. (Source: World Bank)
  • For over 200 years, there are inhabitants of German origin, which go back to the immigration of Swabian farmers from 1817.
  • The labor market is highly deregulated; the labor law is very liberal.

Georgian economy

Today there are about 230 German companies in Georgia (source: German Economic Association in Georgia). Including German-speaking call centers from companies such as Arvato (Bertelsmann) or Flixbus with several hundred employees.

There has been a double taxation agreement with Germany since 2007, and since 2014 there has been a free trade agreement, which among other things regulates duty-free trade between the EU and Georgia. Since 2017, Georgians can enter the Schengen area of ​​the EU without a visa. This provides the basis for bilateral economic exchange.

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